Garlic bread L

Made from our homemade focaccia

Toast Skagen L

Cured salmon, pickled cucumber, marinated fennel, shrimpsalad

Garlic shrimps (chili oil) + bread

Prawncrostini L

Kingprawns, chili oil, pico de gallo,

green salad with herbs

Goatcheese croquettes VL

Green salad with herbs, pesto

Mozzarella sticks + dipping sauce

Jalapeno sticks + dipping sauce 

Canarian potatoes + mojo sauce L

Snails of your choice + bread G

Roguefort, parmesan cheese, chili-bacon or garlic

Mummola's snackplate

Onionrings, jalapeno sticks, mozzarella sticks, wings,

bockwurst, french fries, dip sauce

Tapas plate

Marinated olives, goatcheese croquettes, chorizo, bacon wrapped dates, canarian cheese, serrano-ham wrapped melon, canarian potatoes, alioli

Wings 6 pcs. + dipping sauce 

Wings 12 pcs. + dipping sauce 

Wings 18 pcs. + dipping sauce

You can choose between mild, medium, hot and extra hot

Sweet potato fries

dipping sauce

Dipping sauces: Alioli, devil´s sauce, blue cheese, BBQ, chili, 


Herbmarinated Salad L,G

pickled cucumber, marinated red onion, olives, pomegranate vinaigrette

Extra filling of your chioce:

chicken, shrimps, beef sirloin or goatcheese

Ceasars salad VL

Salad, crutons, parmesan cheese, ceasar dressing

Filling of your choice: Chicken, kingprawns or beef sirloin

Mummolas baked potato L

Served with a green salad with herbs

Fillings: Shrimp, chorizo, vegetable or alioli

Soup of the day VL

Ask your waiter/waitress for more info!

Starters /
Small and good

Main courses

Mushroom risotto VL

Risotto, dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, root vegetable chips

Cauliflower steak

Cauliflower steak, mie de pain goatcheese, vegetables of the season,


Pasta Avocado VL

Avocado, cherry tomatoes, roasted walnuts

Pasta Carbonara VL

Fried bacon, parmesan cheese, ground pepper, eggyolk

Mildly spicy chicken pasta VL

Chickenfillet, chili, coconutmilk, paprika, parmesan cheese

Mummola´s salmon soup G

Bread and butter included

Mummola's Meatballs VL

Mashed potatoes, brown sauce, pickled cucumber, beetroots, 

lingonberry jam

Mummola´s Hamburger VL

Homemade beefburger, chickenfillet or goatcheese.

Homemade mayonnaise, beermarinated onion, pickled tomatoes, cheddar cheese, salad

Served with pickled cucumbers and coleslaw.

Charred salmon G

spinachpotato cake, beurre blanc sauce, vegetables of the season

Corn breaded chickenfillet G

Cajun spiced potato wedges, vegetables of the season,

devil´s sauce, jalapeno mayonnaise

Grilled liver

Grilled beef liver, mashed potatoes, vegetables of the season, fried bacon, red onion and lingonberry jam

Grandpa´s creamy beefpot G

Slowcooked beef with champignons, pearl onions.

Served with baked potato.

Ribs L

Pork ribs glazed with BBQ sauce, french fries, coleslaw, alioli

Caramelized pork neck G,L

Slowcooked pork neck, rosemary potatoes, cherry tomatoes,

vegetables of the season,


Grilled steak 200 g G

Beef sirloin, rosemary fried potatoes, vegetables of the season,

seasoned butter, dark sauce

Minute steak 200 g G

Beef sirloin, french fries, vegetables of the season, seasoned butter

Pepper steak 180g / 360g G
Beef tenderloin, potatocake, vegetables of the season,

bacon wrapped green beans,



French fries, sweet potato fries, potatocake, mashed potatoes, fried potato, baked potato, vegetables of the season.


G= gluten-free    L=lactose-free    VL=contains little lactose


Pancakes with strawberry jam
and ice cream

French toast with vanilla cream and marinated berries
Baked ice cream

Alternative ice cream portions


Grandma and Grandpa are always ready to arrange our party in Mummola or at your home.


We are also happy to plan your party and your menu.


Our vitrine in Mummola is every day filled with fresh bakery procucts, both salty and sweet.


All dishes from our menu,

is possible for Take Away.


Don’t forget to take
one last drink to go!



Tax 6,5% is included in prices.


Coffee/tea, juice, porrige, bread and cold cuts

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